Orange helps you do more of what matters

Everything you need for a memorable, easy-to-implement, gospel-focused Sunday morning experience.






We all got into ministry for the same reason: TO INFLUENCE THE NEXT GENERATION.

But you may find that you have less time to do what matters, because you’re busy recruiting volunteers, formatting lessons, and fundraising to grow your budget.

What if there was a way to give you more influence, more impact, more time, and yes, even more fun?


Over 10,000 churches use Orange curriculum to help them influence kids toward a lifelong faith in Christ through memorable, easy-to-implement, gospel-focused experiences that emphasize parent and small group relationships.

More than just a curriculum, Orange is a strategy with proven results.

Orange makes it easy to create a quality experience even with one volunteer and a few hours a week.

“Our team here at The Potter’s House have used Orange curriculum and the Orange strategy for several years, and we’ve seen its impact on kids and families.”

Bishop T.D. Jakes

The Potter’s House

“Orange has been an integral part of the strategy at National Community Church to reach families in our community. The messaging behind the lessons is a natural draw for unchurched families to walk through our doors. And we get the opportunity to show kids, moms and dads that they are all made in the image of God and loved deeply by Him.”

Mark Batterson

National Community Church

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A simple guide to the common values that make any size church more effective at influencing family, kids, and teenagers.

A customizable tool to keep in touch with, train, and empower your small group leaders.

“Highly recommended. An all-in-one package. Whether you have a large church or a small church, it’s something you can use as-is or edit it and develop it and make it fit for your ministry.”

Rebecca Rohrscheib

One Life Church

“Orange is the first strategy that effectively and holistically engages families within a variety of different contexts, backgrounds, and environments. I’ve witnessed first hand the impact it has had on families within my local church and surrounding communities.”

Jeff Wallace

Founder of Frontline Urban Resources

“The curriculum has helped us create a synchronized spiritual development plan to help every kid move along at each stage of their life. It’s created clarity. It’s created alignment. And it’s created a common language.”

Pat Rowland

Woodside Bible Church

“It’s so much more than a curriculum. It really is a resource for how to connect with and support all aspects of family ministry.  I LOVE the philosophy of partnering with parents. It’s been a paradigm shift in how I approach ministry.”

Nina Schmidgall

National Community Church

“What really excites me about the Orange curriculum is that it’s not just focused on the knowledge, the characters, the facts and figures, although they present all of those in a great way, but the ultimate focus is the spiritual transformation of kids and the transformation of families.”

Jeff Brodie

Connexus Community Church